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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Adventure Begins

Hi. I'm a geek. Or rather I should say that I am many geeks rolled into one. At various times I have been known to be a software geek, a computer geek, an electronics geek, a science fiction geek, a comics geek, an H.P. Lovecraft geek, a creative writing geek, a genealogy geek, a Star Trek geek, a role playing geek, a toy collector geek, a computer gamer geek, and even a motorhead geek.

This is a collection of essays and reminiscences about my experiences with geekdom in all its many forms. Some of these pieces will be historical in nature, stemming from a one time desire to write a book about my development as a software engineer. Other pieces will simply be my review of a book, movie, game, etc.

Most of these were written for my own enjoyment, possibly for the benefit of my two sons when they are older. Hopefully, others may find these pieces entertaining.


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